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All the dropshipping basics you need to get started.


Features for taking your business to the next level.


Advanced functionality when it’s time to scale.
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Unlimited monthly orders New
Oberlo Chrome extension Add AliExpress products to your store in only a couple clicks
Automated product pricing Set either fixed or percentage product price markup
Products statistics
Inventory updates
Import list Save and edit all products you want to sell
Sales reports
Order numbers sync
Variant mapping New Build your product variants from multiple suppliers
Bulk orders New Place multiple orders with one click
Real time orders tracking
Affiliate program Add your Admitad affiliate ID to earn a commission with every sale
Orders fulfillment monitoring
Captcha Solver New Solves Captchas while bulk ordering in AliExpress
Multiple staff accounts


All the dropshipping basics you need to get started.


Features for taking your business to the next level.
$29.90 / month


Advanced functionality when it’s time to scale.
$79.90 / month

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Oberlo free?
Oberlo’s Starter plan is 100% free. Pay only when you scale your business.
What is dropshipping?
Dropshipping is a business model which allows entrepreneurs to run their own online stores without ever managing inventory. When a dropshipper sells a product on their store, they’ll then buy it from their supplier, who will ship it directly to the customer.
How much money do I need to start a dropshipping business with Oberlo?
You’ll need minimal initial funds when you’re starting your own dropshipping business.
How long does it take to make a first sale?
You can get your first sale on your first day, after a month, or after a year. It mostly boils down to the level of success that you find with your marketing activities, the amount of work that you put into your store, and the audience that you target.
What if I go over my plan limits?
If you exceed your plan order limit, you will still be able to receive orders as normal. However, the orders auto-fulfillment will be disabled and you’ll have to ship products to your customers manually. If you exceed your plan product limit, you won’t be able to import any additional products until you upgrade your plan.
Can I cancel my account at any time?
Yes. If you ever decide that Oberlo isn’t the right solution for your business, simply uninstall the application from your Shopify store.
More Questions?

Our Help Center is open 24/7. If you'd like to email us, reach out to our customer success specialists here.

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